Okay, I’m slightly mad….Australian, mother-of-5, part time university student (on and off).
I’ve completed some recent study in Japanese and Chinese at university. My lecturers were such lovely people. I performed well, but I’m frustrated at going blank and freezing up in conversations.  I am now exploring a new language learning adventure before heading back to university – studying informally without timetables, exam pressure, tedious grammar etc. – using such materials as Michel Thomas, Assimil, Teach Yourself, Pimsleur and the goodie LingQ site. Let’s see where this adventure takes me!

I decided to venture into blog land to help me:

1 join the 21st century (well, a little)

2 share my language learning challenges

3 get organised and disciplined

4 keep motivated

5 laugh at life

Along the way, I might also get around to cleaning the stain off the wall behind me, find a good teeth-whitening toothpaste, lose some weight, who knows?


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